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Postpartum exercise classes in English
with  Midwife Lena Mülling

Registration for all postpartum exercise classes here

We will gradually strengthen all the muscles that have changed during pregnancy and childbirth. You will get to know your pelvic floor in detail and rebuild it specifically. Exercises against back pain caused by breastfeeding and relaxation exercises are also included.

We recommend that you start a postnatal course around three months after the birth of your baby, but at the earliest after eight weeks.

You are welcome to bring your baby to the courses, the children will be be lying comfortably on a blanket next to you. The baby can of course also stay at home with a caregiver during the course.

The class is covered by the public german health insurance.

The course takes place in presence, but there is also the option to join online.

Registration for all postpartum exercise classes here

Postpartum exercises with baby intensive class (two times a week)

Current dates:


Class in-person with online option

Monday and Friday morning 10:00 - 11:15

8. April - 3. May 2024

by Lena Mülling





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